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Our Story

Jumpy Moos is a Canadian based, family run company launched primarily to design products keeping our own little ones in mind. We began our journey into launching this brand a few years ago when we were blessed with the first member of generation Z into our family. We wanted to create a line of products that we would feel comfortable with using ourselves, ensuring that the disposable items we throw out truly are disposable and bio-degradable, ensuring that the materials used in our products are safe enough for our own babies. During this process we started Jumpy Moo's and made it our mission to protect and serve all your little ones too!

Jumpy Moos is committed to producing the best quality of baby bath products including Hooded Baby Bath Towels, Washcloths, Muslin Swaddle Wraps, Diaper Liners and Mesh Laundry Bags. All our products are made from organic and pure bamboo fibers for its anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic properties. Not only are our products good for your baby, but they are also eco-friendly owing to the biodegradable nature. Unlike non-disposable fleece diaper liners, ours can also be flushed without worrying about any damage to your septic tank.

However, to really prove how you all are our main priority, each Jumpy Moo's product is guaranteed for a lifetime. If you are not satisfied, just let us know and we will replace it or send you a full refund. No questions asked!


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All products come with lifetime quality warranty. If there are any issues, reach out to us and we will resolve it within 24 hours.  

Our store has high quality and eco-friendly Bamboo Hooded Towels, Bamboo Washcloths, Bamboo Diaper Liner, Muslin Swaddle & Laundry Bags.

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Customer Reviews

Mamas and babies love us!

This towel is awesome. The fact that the hood is an additional part to the towel instead of in the corner makes it so that it fits over our sons head without compromising the space of the towel. Also, the absorbency of the towel is so good, our sons hair is practically dry by the time we put his diaper and clothes on. I would HIGHLY recommend this towel to others.

Crystal - Hooded Towels

Really happy with these washcloths. My daughter has eczema and then ended up with perioral dermatitis on her face. Needless to say, regular cotton washcloths were just too rough on her sensitive skin and needed something soft. People recommended bamboo washcloths and I came across these. I'm so glad I got them! They are extremely soft and my daughter doesn't complain getting her face cleaned. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone who has babies, toddlers or even sensitive skin!

Michelle - Washcloth

Best towel out there !! So soft , well made, cuteanimals, And the size is PERFECT! My daughter loves it! Also makes it easierfor me to get her out of the bath as “Mr. Elephant” is waiting for her!

Amazon Customer - Hooded Towels

I wasn't expecting anything spectacular with these but they are EXTREMELY soft and really good quality.
It came with a really nice mesh bag to wash them in and it wasn't cheap like the dollar store types, it's really well made. The towels themselves absorb water really well and seem to be quite durable, I've wrung them and washed them without the mesh bag (oops) and they have survived without issues. I'd definitely buy these again.

Tiffany - Washcloth

Lovely print, very minimalist yet chic! And I am yet to use them for our soon to be born baby but i washed them n they r soft n great quality. I have also ordered a few more Jumpy Moo's products and they are all amazing! So happy to patronize a Canadian brand! :)

Kanchan C - Swaddle

Super soft, absorbent, large in size so my LO can use it for more than 2 months and quality stitching. I've just ordered the elephant version as well! So happy with this purchase.

Meaghen - Hooded Towels

It's very soft and I can always smell the fresh sent from the towel. My towels are used frequently to clean face and hands and were always wet, this towel was always clean while my cotton towels may give bad smell. I am replacing cotton towels with these bamboo towels.

Lei Wang - Washcloth

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