Bamboo Diaper Liners

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JM diaper liners are made out of bamboo fibers which are known to be extremely soft to touch and also do wonders in wicking away moisture. Bamboo is also...
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Hooded Towels

6 products
JM Hooded towels comes in six cute designs; Panda Dada, Lala Lamb, Ellie, Happy Elephant, Boo Bear, Pinky Bear. These towels make perfect gift for any occasions! JM's...
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Laundry Bag

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JM Mesh Laundry bags allow you to load mixed washes as the colors get separated and the bags prevent different colors from bleeding into each other. They allow...
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Swaddle Blankets

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JM Muslin Swaddle Blankets are made with the highest quality Organic Cotton to keep your baby’s skin soft and fresh. Our Swaddle wraps are multi-purpose. Owing to its size, you...
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At Jumpy Moos, we have designed the perfect set of washcloths for all your baby’s needs. Our 100% Organic Bamboo washcloths are perfect for babies as well as everyday use....
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