12 Best Gifts for Fussy Mums


Moms have a way of investing their entire life on your needs but never showing what they truly want. So, for any special occasion, from a birthday to Christmas to having a new little sibling, you want to gift your mom a present that shows how much you care for her and one that can make her life easier. However, finding the best gifts for your mom can be pretty challenging.

Do you want to give her a present that she can cherish or something that is immensely useful, but you don’t know where to start looking? Are you unsure whether she’ll like it or not or what the perfect gift for the occasion would be?

If that’s the case, don’t worry! We’ve listed the 12 best gifts for fussy mums that they’re bound to love. We’ve focused on neutral but useful things that aren’t too specific and can be used for her daily life!


  1. Essential Oil Diffuser



Essential oil diffusers work by emitting essential oils into the air, which when inhaled can aid relaxation and reduce stress. It boosts your mood, increases attentiveness, improves job performance and elevates overall well being by allieviating anxiety, pain, inflammation, nausea and headaches. This can serve as a great therapy for exhausted mums after a long tiring day.



  1. Scented Candles



From home décor to improved spiritual wellness, scented candles are the safest gift for literally    anyone. Their blissful scent calms the mind and enhances mood, they’re an aesthetic birthday gift for even picky moms.

  1. Self-Care Products



Moms usually never take care of themselves. Doing household chores all day and the everyday stress of fulfilling their kids’ needs leaves them so occupied that they fail to look after their skin or aging effects. Hence, self-care products are the most thoughtful birthday presents for moms. Remind your mom to look after herself every day to show how much you adore her.


  1. Bamboo Washcloths Set

These super soft washcloths by Jumpy Moos are carefully crafted by Bamboo. With no additional materials used, these provide hypoallergenic and antibacterial benefits only bamboo can give. Its gentle texture for sensitive skin means that your mom can use it as a face towel for facial or makeup removal. This can be a good Christmas gift for moms especially if given along with self-care products. However, it’s not only limited to this. These can even be used for household chores such as cleaning or as wiping washcloths for babies. You can check out these multi-use, super soft washcloths here.

  1. Large Handbags

A large handbag is a must for all moms. When travelling or going out to buy groceries, this is the one thing moms never forget thus, making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Remember to gift a larger purse so she can fit in more things efficiently, especially if she needs to carry baby items with her for your little sibling.


  1. Customized Family Portrait


Customized family portraits that can bring up a sweet smile are cool birthday gifts for mom. Not only are they creative but also a cute way to capture the love and happy moment between the family members.


  1. JM Baby Gift Box

Jumpy Moos Baby Gift Box comes in two different designs and can be the most adorable gift for a “soon to be” mom’s baby shower. It consists of a very soft and cute baby hooded towel with animal ears, a pack of soft bamboo baby wash clothes, swaddle blankets and two laundry bags with an amazing packing that is perfectly suitable for presents. Moreover, all of these products in the gift box are also available individually. You can check them out here.  All of these items by Jumpy Moos are essential baby products that moms need to own for their little one, so If you’re about to get a little sibling, consider gifting this to your mom and sibling. A win-win for both!

  1. Chocolates With a Bouquet of Flowers


Who doesn’t love flowers with a sweet blissful treat alongside? Chocolates with a bouquet of flowers is the perfect and the sweetest present for your mom on Mother’s Day. The pleasing scent of the flowers and sugary snacks alongside will serve as a token of admiration for her.  


  1. Muslin Swaddle Blankets


Jumpy Moos Muslin Swaddle Blankets come in a pack of 3. These consist of cute funky patterned warm swaddles and are a very thoughtful Christmas gift for moms that have newborns. They are a must for wrapping up babies, especially in the cold surrounding Christmas season thus, making them perfect for the occasion. This pack will also be a very affordable yet useful gift for baby showers that the ‘soon to be parents’ are bound to use repeatedly! To shop, you can check them out here.


  1. Waffle Maker



This is the finest birthday gift for working moms. As your mom gets up every morning, she gets so occupied with providing her children with breakfast and other stuff that she forgets to eat well herself before rushing to work. So, getting your mom this easy-to-use and quick breakfast prep machine is an elite choice, which will ensure that she gets enough time to feed herself before rushing to work.


  1. JM Mesh Landry Bags


Is your mom frustrated over clothes getting tucked in the washing machine or their colors mixing in? Or does she travel a lot but can’t find a proper good quality container to put laundry in for suitcases? If so, then don’t worry! Jumpy Moos mesh laundry bags are the perfect fix for each query! These can be used to separate clothes in the washing machine and minimize color mixing effects. Moreover, due to their light weight and multiple sizes (large, medium, and round), these can be easily used for travelling by keeping your clothes organized and providing a reusable laundry bag. For more details, check these out here.


  1. Perfume


Perfumes are the most common gifts for literally any one for the longest time, but somehow they always manage to work. They never disappoint and do a great job at making the other person love the present received. Mothers are no exception. Gift your mom her favorite branded scent and see her use it proudly for outdoors. An alluring scent encircling her will not only feel great but will also boost her confidence after an exhausting day.


Buying gifts for fussy mums can be tough but not as time-consuming, only if you try to get to know what she really wants. These are some of the neutral gift ideas she may like, but we highly suggest you sit with your mom and try to get your answers. Moms rarely show their needs; however, just a little effort from your side might unlock these needs, thus, giving you a clear idea of what to give to your mom for her birthday or any similar occasion.





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