Benefits of Bamboo Fabric in Clothing for Children


Bamboo is a unique and versatile natural resource that is abundant in Canada and used to make fabric for clothing. The usage of bamboo is manifold; from herbal medicines to structural reinforcements. While some of its functions are known commonly, many people are unaware of the bamboo fabric and its clothing benefits. The bamboo fabric is a type of regenerated cellulosic fiber made from the stems and leaves of bamboo. As a clothing fiber - bamboo is super durable and resilient. Whether it’s a set of baby bath products, diaper liners or a wearable clothing line - as a material – bamboo fibers are stronger and softer than polyester and cotton.

Clothes made from bamboo fibers are light, breathable and perfect for your baby’s extra sensitive skin as bamboo is also hypoallergenic.

Why Bamboo Fabric Is Ideal for Children?

Bamboo baby towels, hooded towels and washcloths are super absorbent and help in wicking moisture. In fact, bamboo baby bath sets are approximated to be four times as absorbent as those made from polyester or cotton. Not only do they absorb more water but are also very quick-drying, ensuring your little one from feeling any moisture or discomfort. 

Top 3 Benefits of Bamboo Baby Washcloth for Children

Bamboo baby washcloths are eco-friendly and sustainable. It is ideal for children because the material is lightweight, soft, odor resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable. Thus, using bamboo baby washcloths and even other clothing items made from bamboo such as towels, swaddle blankets, diaper liners and other baby products, will help children - especially babies with skin sensitivity - feel good and comfortable.


Bamboo fiber is an antifungal agent. Baby bath products and clothes made with the organic material will wade away fungi. It is a great option for babies with sensitive skin, especially little ones who are diagnosed with eczema, rashes, irritation, dryness, and infection. The fabric is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth. 


Fiber from other plant sources, like, cotton - require pesticides for strength and growth. This is not the case for the bamboo plantation process. Unlike bamboo - manufacturing of fibers into textiles from other natural plant resources - calls for the use of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are directly used into the soil and sprayed on the surface of plants. As a result, the toxic elements seep into the fiber and become an undetachable part of the textile material.

Temperature Regulation

Bamboo baby towels, bamboo baby washcloths, and other clothing options offer amazing ventilation. And it is because of the fact that the fabric consists of micro-gaps and is super porous in nature. The gaps help in trapping air - based on the surrounding temperature and helps in the regulation of the same. For example, it traps warm air for the winters and cool air for the summers. The porous attribute of the fabric further aids in the absorption process. Bamboo fabric is in fact - four times more absorbent and breathable than its alternatives.

Reasons to opt for bamboo clothing for your children, especially babies.

Kids have delicate skin - especially newborns and toddlers. Clothing with dyes, fragrances, and chemicals cause dryness, skin irritation, rashes, chafing and aggravates skin conditions, like, eczema. Clothing items made with bamboo fibers, such as bamboo baby washcloths and bath towels are ideal for the little ones because the fabric is not processed or generated with toxic chemicals, like, pesticides. Along with this, the fabric is also anti-fungal, highly absorbent, super porous and breathable - which allows for temperature regulation and leaves your baby feeling comfortable and less irritable.


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