How To Burp a Newborn that Won’t Burp?


Babies tend to swallow up air while feeding, which leads them to becoming fussy, unable to sleep, and spit up later. The only possible solution for this is for your newborn to burp! Burping, after every feeding session, releases the trapped air inside and prevents it from moving through the intestines or causing gas in the baby.

Below we’ll talk about some of the best promising ways on how to burp a baby!

Newborn Burping Techniques

If you’re concerned about why your newborn won’t burp even after several attempts, then that’s probably because you’re focusing too much on a single technique! Make sure to change your baby’s position often and try different techniques since one of them is bound to work!

1.     Hold your baby over your Shoulder

Rest your baby’s head on your shoulder while holding him/her in one hand. Use the other hand to gently pat the baby’s back with your entire palm.

2.     Hold your baby sitting up in your Lap

Position your baby sitting upright on your lap, use one hand to support the baby’s head and chest. Rest the tip of this hand on the baby’s chest and cradle his/her chin gently. Use the other hand to gently pat the baby’s back.

3.     Lay your baby on your Lap with their belly facing downwards

Place your hand or arm under the baby’s head and chest to raise the upper body slightly. Gently pat the baby’s back with their belly facing downwards.

4.     Hold your baby on your Arm with his belly facing downwards

Place the baby’s face towards your elbow with his belly facing downwards on your forearm and limbs dangling on either side of your arm.

Tips while Burping a Baby

-Change positions often for better and faster results

-If patting doesn’t work then use gentle circular motions from the top to the bottom of the back.

-Use a towel under your baby’s chin to avoid messy cleanups as they spit up or produce wet burps.

How Long to Keep Baby Upright After Feeding?  

Make sure to keep your baby upright for 10-15 minutes after feeding or longer if your baby spits up. Spitting up sometimes is not a cause for concern; however, if your baby spits up frequently after being fed, then maybe it’s because the baby has gas trapped in. Ensure your baby burps every time after feeding. Otherwise, it’s always better to consult a doctor.

When to Burp a Baby?

-When baby seems cranky while feeding

The crankiness usually occurs if the baby has swallowed air, hence, stop the feeding session and burp the baby right away. Once the baby has successfully burped, start feeding again.

-In between the feeding session

Try burping your baby every 2 to 3 ounces (60 to 90 milliliters) in case you’re bottle-feeding.

-Each time you switch breasts

Burp your baby before switching breasts to release any gas swallowed. This ensures better and healthy feeding.

-After every feeding session

Babies find feeding sessions calming hence, they tend to fall asleep right after. But sleeping or not, make sure to burp your newborn after every meal to prevent any discomfort or health risks (related to gas) in the baby.  

Pro-tip: Keep a baby washcloth on deck for whenever the baby burps in case there is some discharge and you need some cleaning up to do. 

What if Baby doesn’t Burp?

Try out these few tips in case your baby won’t burp:

-Change your baby’s position. Please don’t stick to a single technique or position but try multiple of them in case one doesn’t work.

-Lay down the baby for a few minutes. If your newborn doesn’t burp even after 5 minutes of trying, then consider laying the baby down for a few minutes in a crib or any safe place. Laying down the baby will help move the air bubbles around, making it easier to release the air. After a few minutes, try burping the baby again.

-Keep the baby upright after their feed. This allows the air bubble to be released naturally right after feeding, without the parents having to do anything.

Sometimes your baby won’t burp even if you’ve tried all the possible techniques; however, this is not a cause for concern! It simply means they’ve either swallowed very little amount of air or have no air to release. In any case, make sure not to stress out! Just like you sometimes experience episodes of your system acting up, they do it too!


“How to burp a newborn?” or “What if baby doesn’t burp?” are some very plausible questions that we hope we’ve answered for you! Just make sure to regularly burp your baby in between and after feeding. This will avoid any accumulation of gas in your baby’s body and keep them risk-free. Try to use all the burping techniques mentioned above if your baby won’t burp!

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