How To Cut Strawberries For a Baby?


Maintaining your baby’s health is very important. Introducing them to nutritious fruits from an early age is the best way to accomplish this. Your child is bound to love a delightful treat of ripe strawberries. Thus, below we have discussed multiple ways to prepare strawberries for your little one and have answered any related questions you may possibly have!  

At what age can babies start eating strawberries?

Your baby can start eating strawberries when they start taking solids. This is usually around 6 months of age. By this age, ripe strawberries are juicy and soft enough to be consumed by your baby.

What are the benefits of strawberries for babies and toddlers?

Strawberries are packed with fibre which helps strengthen the gut, and folate, which boosts the baby’s metabolism, energy, and antioxidant activity. Moreover, it contains vitamin C, which strengthens immunity. The seeds even contain some omega-3 fatty acids to boost a baby’s nervous system, vision, and brain development. Additionally, it contains some polyphenols that act as anti-inflammatory agents to keep your body cells healthy. Strawberries are also water-rich, which will keep the baby hydrated.

How to prepare strawberries for your baby?

How to serve strawberries to baby depends on the feeding method you’re using. There are two feeding methods. One is the spoon-feeding method while the other is the baby-led weaning method.


In case you are spoon-feeding your little baby, it is advised to feed the strawberries in a puree form. Blend the strawberries until a smooth paste is made and spoon-feed it to your little one. This method involves no risk of choking and is very safe.

Baby-led Weaning:

This method involves introducing soft solids as gummable finger food. For this approach, you need to cut the strawberries (stem removed) into thin age-appropriate pieces. However, before feeding your baby these strawberry chunks, you should be aware of your child's oral motor, chewing, and swallowing skills to make sure they don't choke. It is recommended to visit your paediatrician for advice first.

How to prepare strawberries for a 6-month-old?

Cut the strawberries into thin slices for your baby to gum. But they should be big enough for the baby to hold it in their palm. In case the strawberry slices are slippery, you can dust baby cereal onto them for a firmer grip.

How to prepare strawberries for a 9-month-old?

Your baby now probably has a few teeth so you can cut the strawberries into quarter chunks. This will also help the baby practice their chewing skills.

How to prepare strawberries for a 1-year-old or more?

As your baby turns one year old, you can serve the strawberries in large chunks by cutting it in half. Give your baby a fork to practice eating with a utensil. Later on, you can give your child a whole strawberry, and there won’t be any risk of choking as kids learn to chew by then. However, giving a bigger but softer strawberry is better, so your little one chews it properly and doesn’t gulp it directly.

Are strawberries a choking hazard for babies?

Yes, they are! If you feed your little one a firm, non-juicy, and small strawberry that is not ripe, the baby may consume it directly, causing choking. Thus, it is advised to serve them thin slices of soft ripe strawberries when they’re little. As they get older, you should feed them larger strawberries than their mouth. This will force them to chew it, and as the strawberry would be pretty soft, it’ll melt immediately. 

Can you be allergic to strawberries?

It’s pretty rare to be allergic to strawberries, especially as babies. However, what’s more common than allergy is a harmless skin reaction around the mouth from the acidity of the fruit.

People with pollen food allergy syndrome or who are sensitive to other plants that come under the category of the Rosaceae family (such as almonds and apples) may be sensitive to strawberries.

So, it is better to feed your baby strawberry in a small quantity first and observe the reaction. Signs that indicate an allergy are:

-strawberry allergy rash



-tightening of throat

-swelling around the mouth

-stomach pain



-trouble breathing

If any of these symptoms occur, it is better to visit a paediatrician.

Can strawberries cause a rash?

Yes! Strawberries, when consumed, may cause harmless rashes and irritability in your baby’s mouth due to the fruit’s acidity. Strawberries or other acidic fruits may also cause or worsen diaper rash when consumed in excess.

How many strawberries in a serving?

The serving of strawberries for a baby should include very few strawberries (1-2 at once), especially when the baby is less than one year old. Don’t make the baby overeat, or it may upset their stomach. However, as your little one grows, you can increase the quantity.


Feeding strawberries to your baby is very important for their health as it contains fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents. It helps maintain the baby’s energy level and immune system. However, make sure to choose a ripe, soft, and juicy strawberry and cut it into thin slices so your baby doesn’t choke and can enjoy the blissful treat without any problems.

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