How to save money on diapers?


Diapers are essential to child care and hygiene. All parents know how essential diapers are for a disturbance free sleep at night or whenever they have to go outdoors with their baby. However, diapers can be a significant expense and parents need to find ways to cut down on this significant expense.

Following are a few tips to save money on diapers:

Use Diaper Coupons

Buying diapers for your babies can be a significant monthly expense. One way to reduce the expense is by ordering diapers in bulk. Most stores offer deals that entail buying two or more packs to get a discount. Some online stores provide coupon codes that can be used at checkouts to avail discounts. You can also search for store-specific deals that come with your rewards card as well as manufacturer printable coupons.

Buy Online

Diapers are cheaper online because of the lack of brick-and-mortar stores' overhead expenses. Shipping costs are negligible if you're buying in bulk, especially around big holidays where there are deals. However, buying diapers in bulk is not advisable because babies grow up at different rates, so one size might last only a month. Buy one or two packs at a time, as and when you run low on the stock.

Keep a Track of Your Baby's Diaper Size.

Keep track of your baby's weight and belly size. Before buying diapers, keep in mind that you will need to buy them every few months as the baby grows from a newborn into a toddler.

Your baby will start from using size 1 diapers and before long you will be changing sizes going up to size 6 or 7 before moving to underwear. Pay attention to your baby's diaper size and don't buy too much in bulk that you need to use diapers that are small for your baby's waist as it will make your baby feel uncomfortable.

Draw Up a Diaper Budget in Advance

It's important to decide on the monthly budget for diapers before your baby is born. Putting money aside each month helps you stick to this goal and ensures that you don't end up spending more than expected. The key to saving money on anything is planning ahead. While some babies grow up at a smaller pace, so you will not have to change the sizes of diapers a lot.

Using Reusable Cloth Diapers along with Diaper Liners

Another way to save money is to use reusable cloth diapers and pairing it with diaper liners to maintain hygiene. Liners are thin layers of fabric that you place inside a diaper before putting it on your baby. They catch any solid waste before it touches your diapers and prevent it from being stuck on the fibers when you remove the dirty diaper from your baby. 

Disposable diaper liners are useful for keeping your diaper bag or storage container clean, as well as for keeping your baby’s skin safe from exposure to waste. Reusable diaper liners can be washed with the rest of the diaper laundry. 

Following the aforementioned steps, you can cut down on one of the most significant monthly expense in the list of baby essentials.  


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