How muslin swaddle blankets help your baby?

Swaddling helps babies feel secure and safe, similar to the feeling they experienced in the womb, inducing a sense of calm and helping them fall asleep faster. Parents are often confused about whether they should be using a swaddle blanket or not. The benefits of swaddling are numerous. Firstly, let’s discuss why a swaddle blanket is important for the baby.


Why a muslin swaddle blanket is essential for your baby?

 A muslin swaddle blanket is a must-have for any baby. Here are four reasons why you should swaddle your baby:

  1. Swaddling can help calm your baby. When a baby is wrapped in a swaddle blanket, they feel like they are still in the womb, which helps in soothing the
  2. Swaddling can help improve sleep. A baby wrapped in a swaddle blanket tends to sleep for longer periods and have a less disturbed
  3. Swaddling can help prevent a baby's startle reflex. Babies can startle easily, and this can wake them up. However, swaddle blankets will prevent
  4. Swaddling can help your baby fall asleep on their own. Comfort is necessary to allow the babies to fall asleep by themselves and swaddle blankets help make the baby comfortable. Hence, better sleep for both the babies and the parents.

Tips for using muslin swaddle blankets:

tips to swaddle baby

  • Swaddling is a safe alternative to use when putting your baby down for sleep, replacing loose blankets in the crib.
  • You can continue using muslin swaddle blankets until your baby learns how to roll over. After that, it’s best to discontinue the use of the blanket as a swaddle and transition to a sleep sack or other means of covering your baby while they sleep. 

How to swaddle a baby properly?

It’s important to swaddle your baby the right way. Follow these simple steps:

                                      how to swaddle a baby

  1. Choose a thin blanket made of cotton or another natural fiber. Avoid fuzzy or thick blankets, as the baby will feel uncomfortable.
  2. Lay the blanket down with the long side toward you.
  3. Position your swaddled baby, so his shoulders are near one end of the blanket and his feet are by the other end. Bring the right corner over his body, tucking it under his left arm just above or below where his elbow bends. His head should be well-supported but not curled down.
  4. Bring the bottom corner up and across the body, tucking it under the baby’s right arm. Be sure to keep the blanket loose enough so that your baby can move his arms and legs.
  5. Fold the top corner of the blanket down over your swaddled baby’s chest, tucking it in, so the blanket doesn’t cover the face.
  6. Make sure the baby’s hands are outside the swaddle blanket.

How to make sure your baby is sleeping safely?

Many parents are concerned about what sleeping position is the best for their baby. Babies might be placed on their back, side or front when they are put down to sleep. The safest way for your baby to sleep is on their back. Sleeping on the back reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). According to healthy children, to ensure safe sleeping, place your baby on her back to sleep and make sure the baby doesn't roll over if swaddled. Swaddling a baby ensures that the baby spends more time in light sleep than in a deep sleep. Swaddled babies are more likely to stir, move their heads, and perhaps wake up if they need to eliminate or if it’s too hot during light sleep. They also have fewer episodes of central apnea, which is a pause in breathing.

Points to keep in mind to make sure your baby sleeps safely:

  1. Place your baby on their back on a firm surface, such as a crib or bassinet.
  2. Do not put anything, such as pillows, blankets or stuffed animals, in the crib with your baby.
  3. Make sure your baby's sleep area is cool as the temperature helps play a role in comfortable and safe sleeping.
  4. It is also important to keep an eye on your baby when sleeping. If your baby rolls over onto their stomach, you should gently turn their back over.

When to stop swaddling baby?

Parents often ask when they should stop swaddling their baby. The ideal age for swaddling is until the baby is a year old. It might be less than a year for babies who start their arms movement, crawling and walking at an earlier age. 

Where do I buy a muslin swaddle blanket?

There are quite a few online stores from where you can order a muslin swaddle blanket. For instance: “Love to dream” is one place that provides swaddle blankets in Canada. Apart from “Love to dream,” Jumpy Moo’s is another Canada-based brand from where you can order fine-quality swaddle blankets. Unlike Love to dream swaddle blankets, Jumpy Moo’s organic cotton muslin swaddle blankets are made from organic cotton that helps keep your baby’s skin soft and fresh. Moreover, Jumpy Moo’s is a brand that promotes sustainability, so by choosing the brand, you can play your part in doing your best for the planet.

Swaddle blankets Jumpy Moos

JM swaddle blankets are multi-purpose. They can be used from wrapping to burping or even as a changing mat. After you buy Jumpy Moo’s super soft muslin swaddle blanket for your baby, make sure you read the correct way to swaddle your baby with it to ensure that the baby feels safe.

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