What Size Nappies for Newborns?


There are a variety of nappy sizes available but choosing the right one is very crucial to prevent your baby from leakages or getting rashes. Choosing the right nappy size can be overwhelming, but a little bit of knowledge and awareness takes you a long way. Read ahead for a better guidance as we try to answer all your possible questions.

What Size Do Nappies Go Up To?

They start from size 0 to size 6. Size 0 nappies are usually for premature babies as they’re underweight, while size 6 nappies age is usually the last time your little one wears a nappy.

Nappy Size Guide

Wondering what nappy size to get for your little one? Don’t worry and refer to our guide below:

Nappy Size


How Long It Might Be Needed (Months)

Size 0

1-2.5 kg


Size 1

2-5 kg


Size 2

3-6 kg


Size 3

5-9 kg


Size 4

7-16 kg


Size 5

12-25 kg


Size 6

16 kg plus



These are usually the general nappy sizes for the weights mentioned; however, since every individual is different, sometimes the nappy might be 'too big' or 'too small' for your little one even after following the nappy size guide. In this case, the weight may come in between two sizes. To choose which one to go for, check the baby's physique. If your little one is long and thin, go for the smaller of the two sizes; if the baby is healthy and broad, then opt for the bigger one. Always remember that nappy sizes are not chosen by age but weight instead.

How to Weigh Your Baby?

Pick up your baby, remove their clothes and use a weighing machine to weigh yourselves while holding the baby. Next, put your baby down in a safe place and weigh yourself alone. Subtract your weight from the previous one and get the baby’s estimated weight.

When To Change Nappy Size?

Babies grow fast, and so does the need for changing their nappy sizes. But how can you tell exactly when it's time for a change? Below are some of the signs that indicate when to go up a nappy size:

  • You cannot comfortably fit your two fingers under the waistband of the fastened nappy any more.
  • The fastening tapes don't reach the center of the waistband.
  • The diaper is tight and isn't fully covering your baby's bottom.
  • You're noticing red marks on your baby's thighs or belly when you remove the nappy.
  • You can regularly notice diaper rash on your baby's bottom.
  • Your baby is showing signs of discomfort by pulling at the nappy.

How Should A Nappy Fit?

Look out for these signs to see if the nappy fits perfectly.

  • You can fit two fingers under the waistband after fastening the diaper. Check to see if it’s not too lose or snug.
  • The diaper’s waistband sits just under your baby’s belly button.
  • After fastening the diaper, run two fingers inside the leg cuffs to properly position them. The leg cuffs shouldn’t have any gap otherwise the nappy will leak.
  • The fastening tapes don’t overlap each other otherwise, it’s too big and you need to get a smaller size.]
  • When changing the nappy, check if there is any redness. If so, then you need to get a bigger nappy.

What Does The + Sign Mean?

The ‘+’ or ‘plus’ sign on the nappy doesn’t mean a ‘plus size/bigger size’; instead, it is used on nappies that have extra or increased absorbency and are better for nighttime.

Which Size Nappy Is Best For Newborns?

For most newborns, size 1 is usually the best fit. However, in case your newborn is premature use size 0, and if your little newborn is extra healthy use size 2. Don’t go for the age but the weight instead.

What Size Nappy For 6 Month Old?

For a 6 month old, the size is usually 3 or 4; however, it depends on the baby and may differ from case to case. Thus, it’s best to first weigh your baby for a better estimate.

How Many Times A Day Should The Nappy Be Changed?  

There is no single direct answer to this question as it depends on your baby’s health and the number of times they poo or wee. However, usually for a newborn, the number is around 9-10 times a day. It decreases as a baby gets older. 

If you want a sustainable solution to changing nappies for your little one then you should opt for a bamboo nappy liner. They don't harm the environment and can easily be disposed off by being flushed down the toilet. 


Choosing the right nappy size for your baby is not as challenging as you may think! If you think, there’s no perfect fit for your little one then you’re probably overthinking. Nappies have been used for years and everyone has found their little ones the right size. Just make sure to check for the things mentioned above. It may seem a bit loose or tight at first but with time you’ll realize that it works perfectly.


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