Why use a Mesh Laundry Bag?


Mesh Laundry bags are a game-changer. You never have to hand-wash your clothes ever again. Read on to find out more about how to use them.

Are you still washing your clothes by hand? Ain’t nobody got the time for that! Yes, even the delicate pieces in your wardrobe need not be hand washed. Gone are the days of slaving away over a sink, all you need to do is purchase a mesh laundry bag and watch as you suddenly find more hours in your day!

Mesh laundry bags are useful since they allow you to put all kinds of clothing items, no matter how flimsy the material, into a washing machine. The permeable mesh cloth made from Nylon, allows soap and water to enter the laundry bag and wash your clothes while preventing them from getting stretched out and lose their fitting. They can help prevent straps from stretching or snagging and hooks from breaking during the washing process. 

Another reason to invest in mesh laundry bags is that you never have to worry about losing your socks ever again! Furthermore, they also minimize the chances of different colors bleeding into each other. To top it off, you can simply remove your laundry bag from the washing machine and pop it straight into the dryer. However, do make sure that the items inside the bag are able to withstand the heat.

Can you wash mesh laundry bags?

Mesh laundry bags should not be placed inside a dryer owing to their elasticity and relative fragility of material. Spandex bathing suits and tights will lose their elasticity as the high temperatures make the material breakdown. Bras can lose their shape, again owing to the heat. Garments made from sheepskin will shrink in the dryer and lastly, bedazzled clothes suffer greatly, as there is a very real risk that the jewels may melt within the dryer.

How to use mesh laundry bags for delicates?

There's a separate laundry bags for delicates. Simply place your delicates within a laundry bag and close the zipper. These bags come in variations including options with drawstrings and zippers. Mesh bags with zippers are preferred since drawstrings can get tangled up inside the washing machine, so keep this in mind while purchasing your own laundry bags.

Once you have prepped your laundry into their mesh bags, set your washing machine on its ‘hand wash’ cycle with cold water and allow the magic to happen.

It is advisable not to overfill the mesh bags while loading your laundry. Thus, you should purchase various sizes of laundry bags to avoid having to stuff larger clothing items into small bags, since the garments also need to be able to move around within the bag for a deep clean.

Where to buy mesh laundry bags?

Owing to their convenience and cost-effective prices, mesh laundry bags can be found quiet easily. You can find them at your nearest Ikea or any other home store. For further ease, you can find many variations online as well.


Now you don't have to worry about whether or not your delicates are gonna be safe or not in the washer and the best part about the mesh laundry bags are that they'll protect your baby's delicates as well such as washcloths and hooded towels which touch up against you baby's skin. Mesh laundry bags will help you protect you and your family's skin and keep your clothes in tip top condition. 

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