10 Signs Your Child Is Not Ready For Potty Training


The daily routine of changing your baby’s diapers after every few hours and getting your hands messy is a frightening struggle for many parents, which they badly wish to avoid. For them, potty training is a light to guide them through this long struggle. However, forcing your child to potty train is not the wisest decision. You need to look out for your child’s signs of potty training readiness. Insisting your toddler to potty train when they’re not ready will only make them grumpier and more rebellious. Moreover, it is also bound to result in more frequent accidents that you definitely wouldn’t want.

Below we have discussed 10 signs that show your child is not ready to potty train yet and have answered some other questions you may possibly have regarding it!

When should children be potty trained?

Children are usually potty trained between the age of 2 to 4. There is no definite answer to when should potty training start. Potty training depends on your child and their readiness. Everyone is different, so some may be potty trained as early as 18 months, while others may have to wait until after 4 years old. However, if your little one is over 4 years old and is still not showing any signs your child is ready to potty train, then it is better to visit a paediatrician for advice.

Parents are always impatient concerning this matter; however, trying to get things done quickly while dealing with a child always makes the situation harder and more stressful. Your kid is learning the new ways of the world, so let them take their time.

10 Signs Your Toddler Isn't Ready To Be Potty Trained


1.    Dirty diapers don’t concern your child

Young toddlers remain unfazed with their diapers, whether loaded or not. They remain unconcerned even when the diaper is wet or soiled. They don’t cry or show discomfort caused by a dirty diaper but instead due to the diaper rashes.

However, at one point, they become aware of their soiled diapers. They might pull on it, show discomfort even when there are no rashes, or may try to yank the diaper off. These are some of the few signs your child is ready to potty train. If your child fails to show these signs or remains unconcerned while having a dirty diaper, then it means they’re not quite ready for potty training yet and they still might be ready for some diaper liners by Jumpy Moo's to make sure that even when their diaper is soiled, their experience isn't uncomfortable. 

2.    Your child is always wet

One milestone that is a must for children to conquer is learning to control their bowel movements. In order to be fully potty trained and avoid accidents, one needs to stay dry for longer periods of time between diaper changes. If the child poos or pees anywhere at any time without any predictable time or awareness, then potty training is a big no!

3.    Your child is not interested in using the potty

Some kids are curious and wish to imitate their parents, while some are not. Some kids may be eager to start using the potty earlier due to their curiosity and wanting to be like their parents. However, if your kid is not interested or motivated, then it is better not to force them but instead wait patiently.

4.    Your child’s communication skills aren’t quite there yet

Chances are your kid is unaware of terms like poo, pee, flush, etc. If this is the case, it shows your child cannot differentiate between them clearly and is thus not ready for potty training.

5.    Your child can’t undress him/herself

Your child should be able to undress their bottom themselves. Obviously, you can’t expect every toddler to undo jeans; however, they should be able to do the basic ones themselves to be able to use the potty anytime.

6.    Your child is not physically ready

If your child is not physically ready yet, which means they can’t sit or stand properly, it is better for you to wait. Be patient and let them become comfortable enough first.

7.    Your child can’t sit on the potty for a longer time

If your child is unable to sit on the potty for 3-5 mins patiently and comfortably, then it’s a sign that they’re not entirely ready yet.

8.    Your child is frequently constipated

This is a significant factor to watch out for. If your little one is being newly potty trained or is in the middle of mastering it but remains constantly constipated, you need to back out. Don’t force your kid to potty train in such a condition since it may cause ‘regression.’ Your child may become unwilling to do it due to the pain and may start connecting the pain to the potty chair. This will cause reluctance for potty training and more stress for your kid.

9.    Your child is reluctant to sit on the potty

The first and foremost step is to get your kid to sit on the potty. If they repeatedly throw tantrums, it may cause a power struggle between you two. Your kid is reluctant, yet you force them. The longer this argument carries on, the more difficult it becomes to get the child to comply. Hence it is better to wait a bit more and introduce your kids to potty training through story books so they can get comfortable with it.

10.Your child is not old enough yet

Just because your child is 2 years old doesn’t mean they’re ready. Every child is different in nature and body, so look out for these signs. If your child shows multiple of these, they’re not ready yet. If your 4 year old is not potty trained, you should visit a paediatrician. Take it slow! They’re bound to get over diapers someday!



As much as you would love to see your little one be potty trained, you also need to remember that they’re just children. They have little control over their body and mind. Remember to be patient and educate your kids about potty training through books and stories. Encouraging stories will also make them regard potty training as safe resulting in less stress and more mental readiness. Forcing them when they’re not yet ready will only cause more accidents. Additionally, the pressure involved would only force them to look at potty training from a bad angle, causing a sense of unwillingness in their minds.

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