How to afford to be a stay at home mom?


It is often asked how a mom/housewife can afford the expenses while staying at home. This article discusses ways a mother can make money while staying at home.  

3 Simple Ways to Make Money While Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

With the onset of Covid-19 over a year ago, lives were changed forever all over the globe. The initial lockdown was a major adjustment for most people as they retracted themselves from the public sphere. While this has been a tough time for most of us, it was a period of creative growth for a lot of people and one of the silver linings of this pandemic is that it forced people to operate out of their homes, making for some very innovative ideas on how to earn while still maintaining social distancing. Here we have 3 simple ways you can be a full-time mom while still making some money on the side, without ever having to leave your home or your babies and without paying almost any initial costs to start.


With everyone at home, people have been turning to the internet for their every need, from the items that they purchase to the knowledge that they consume. Now is your time to shine and put that pen to paper and speak your truth while getting paid for it! You could talk about your lifestyle and incorporate affiliate marketing into your writing and earn money for promoting other people's services and products. Once your site has been set up and starts receiving traffic, you could make money off hosting advertisements by companies such as Google AdSense. Furthermore, you can also teach an online course on your site and offer memberships and subscriptions to your blog all while chilling in your jammies! An alternative to blogging would be starting your very own Instagram page or YouTube channel to put out your intellectual art. With online school, a lot of parents are confused as to how to constantly keep their children entertained. Share your tricks and spill your mommy secrets with the rest of us, you'd be doing all of us a favor!

Create an Etsy Page

Do you love to knit or paint? Are you a bored graphic designer? If you have any artsy secret talents, now is your time to make money off your hobby! Set up an Etsy page and set up your shop from the comfort of your home. Sell your handmade sweaters, trinkets, artwork, or even your original pintables!


With websites like Zoom and Google Meet, remote learning has become possible. You can now tutor a child or teach a language online and offer your knowledge for a fee. You could choose your timings and have flexible working hours to work around all the mommy duties.

Start on one of these things so that the next time someone asks "How much does a stay at home mom make?", the answer is not zero. 

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