Camping With a Baby: A Thorough Guide


Most new parents who are fond of camping wish to extend their profound love for the outdoors to their little newborns. They look forward to introducing their children to the intimidating yet fascinating rhythms of nature from a very little age, so they can come to appreciate the tranquility of the wild as they grow up.

However, camping with a newborn can be quite challenging, especially if it’s poorly pre-planned. But don’t worry!! To make it as appealing in real as it sounds, we’ve come up with some very promising tips for you on “How to camp with a baby?”.

Tips for Choosing a Camping Location

Before we move on to the necessary baby camping gear, it is first very crucial to know what type of locations and conditions you would need to consider before camping with a baby. You cannot just take your baby anywhere but instead you need to prepare wisely.

  1. Do a Trial Run

In order to figure out the challenges of camping with a baby, do a trial run at the back yard/ garden of your house by preparing a large baby-friendly tent. Strictly remain outdoors and only go inside the house to grab something you must have forgotten to bring for camping. This will immensely help you list down the items you’ll need during the trip especially those which you may not even own and hence, need to buy.

  1. Time it right

You’re probably wondering whether “camping with a 6 month old” or “camping with a 1 year old” is the right thing to do or not? You’re probably thinking they’re too small or fragile however, camping with a baby less than 1 year old has a lot of advantages. The baby can’t walk or run, sleeps considerably more and even better he/she is still breastfeeding. These factors take away the risk of your baby getting injured or lost while running, becoming hyperactive and having to prepare hygienic meals during camping which can be quite challenging. Thus, don’t worry camping with a 1 year old is more hassle free and safe than toddler camping.

  1. Choose a Campsite close to Home

If you’re camping with a baby for the first time, then it is necessary to cut down on large distances and travel times. Choose a campsite that’s closer to your home and doesn’t require hours of travelling in a vehicle. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, you’ll be able to quickly reach back to the comfort of your home without any extra stress of travel time. Remember to take the process slow as you can always go further ahead while camping once you’ve become experienced enough.

  1. Choose a quiet Campsite

Babies tend to get irritated by loud noises so avoid choosing places with more people or noises when camping with a baby.

  1. Check Weather Forecast

Always check the weather forecast before packing your camping essentials. It is always a good idea to know what to expect and prepare accordingly as this is what leads to a successful camping experience. Moreover, as the weather can be quite unpredictable always pack thermal and waterproof clothes for the baby to avoid him/her from getting sick.

Baby Camping Essentials Needed

  1. A large baby friendly tent

Get a large baby friendly net when camping with your baby to fit in all the portable baby sleeping gear. It should also be roomy enough to have some free space, other than the sleeping bags, so the baby can easily crawl inside it.

  1. A portable crib

A familiar portable crib will help the baby settle down and sleep on time. It can even be useful to keep your baby trapped in a single place while you’re cooking or resting. And don't forget to take one of Jumpy Moo's premium fitted crib sheets

  1. Few favorite toys

When camping with a baby, their favorite stuff toys or items will help them settle in more quickly.

  1. Plenty of nappy sacks and nappies

This goes without saying but when camping with a baby, always make sure you have plenty of nappies, so you don’t regret later. The more you have, the cleaner will be your camping experience! Similarly, a lot of nappy sacks will help you dispose of these used nappies quickly.

To make the process easier, use nappy liners to avoid leakages. You can check out our collection of bamboo nappy liners here. Our specially designed newborn bamboo cloth nappy inserts will last all night long without leaking to keep your baby’s skin dry and rash free.

  1. Portable Baby Items

If you’re bringing your baby camping then you obviously don’t intend to keep him/her inside the camp the entire time, right? To make them enjoy the great outdoors and make camping easier, you need a few necessary portable items. These are:

-Pop up play pen. (For playtime)

-Changing Mat (for diaper changes)

-3-in1 bassinet

-Baby camping chair (to sit outside)

-Travel Cot

  1. Breathable Baby Clothes

Most babies can’t regulate their temperature well. So, in case of a warm weather while camping with a baby, you can use these light breathable layers to ensure the baby isn’t feeling too hot.

If it gets too cold, you can simply put on more layers of these clothes on the baby.

  1. A baby sleeping bag, hat, insulated jackets, and baby mittens

To answer the most frequently asked question of “How to keep baby warm while camping?”, it is advised to use the items mentioned above. Sometimes, layering up the baby’s body a lot can be quite uncomfortable for them so using a warm sleeping bag, specifically designed to regulate their temperature, can prove life changing when camping with a baby.  

  1. Head nets, large nets for sleeping

While camping, your baby will be exposed to a lot of insects. So, it is very important to use a head net for outdoors while a large net that covers the crib for sleeping. Also, it is advised to pack full sleeved shirts and pants to avoid bug bites.

Meal Planning Tips While Camping with a Baby

  1. Sanitize the feeding bottles

Boil water at your campsite to sanitize the bottles if you’re bottle feeding your baby

  1. Bring lots of clean portable water for mixing up formula milk
  2. Use squeeze packets with pureed fruits and vegetables in them

These don’t require refrigeration if unopened. You can divide these into small amounts and spoon feed the baby.

Things to Remember when Camping with a Baby

  1. Make free time during camping

Camping with a baby is very tiring because the little fragile being is totally dependent on you. From carrying the baby, responding to their mealtimes and tantrums to the ill-timed calls for diaper change, all of these tend to drain a huge amount of energy. So even if you love the busy hustle of camping, do not forget to indulge in some free time to replenish the energy lost. This will make the rest of your trip easier.   

  1. Communicate with your Neighbors

Chances are that you’re not the only one camping there hence, get to know your neighbors and give them a heads up that you’re camping with a baby to avoid later complaints or feelings of guilt. Remember that it is completely okay to bring along your baby with you for camping!

  1. Get some sleep

Just like your normal daily routine gets disrupted at home because of your baby, the same is the case for camping with a newborn. Accept the change in your normal routine and sleep when your baby is napping because you may not get the chance later.

  1. Be flexible

You can do this by understanding and adapting to your little one’s daily routine. Sometimes you may need to let your baby stay up later than normal or nurse more frequently at night to avoid him/her from getting irritated or uncomfortable.


Camping with a baby can be tricky but also quite fun if planned the right way! Remember to pack all the baby camping essentials and choose the location wisely. After experiencing it at a closer distance at least twice, you’ll be good to explore further ahead! We hope our guide proved helpful and wish you safe and happy camping with your little one!

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