Is it Okay to Put Baby to Sleep Without Burping?


Feeding your baby and putting them to sleep isn't the end of the duty for a parent. Be it midnight or daytime, as a parent, you need to make sure to burp the baby, so they don't spit out or become fussy.

But what if the baby doesn't burp and falls asleep? Do you still need to burp a sleeping baby?

The answer is yes! Chances are your baby may fall asleep while feeding however, burping a sleeping baby after feeding is still highly advised. If the baby doesn't burp while there's gas stuck inside, they might get uncomfortable, cranky, or unable to get a peaceful sleep. The baby might also frequently spit, which isn't good for their health. It might seem difficult to wind a sleeping baby without disturbing them, and you may feel tempted to just let them sleep. However, there's no need to worry! Fortunately, there are some ways to burp a sleeping baby without waking them up.

Below we have discussed how to wind a sleeping baby and some other questions you may possibly have!

How to burp a sleeping baby?

Burping a sleeping baby isn't that difficult. Just follow a few steps, practice, and it'll become a second nature. Here are some burping techniques that you can use:

1.    Hold the Baby Upright for a few minutes while gently patting the baby

The upright position and patting will move the air bubbles up in the baby’s body. This will create a burp however, if the baby doesn’t burp then it will still at least move the food down to baby’s tummy which will prevent spit ups.

2.    Over the shoulder

Rest your baby against your shoulder while holding him from beneath and rub the back. This is the most used and easiest way to get your little one’s burp out.

3.    Hold your baby in your arms and move back and forth gently

If patting doesn’t work, this gradual movement will help move the gas along and cause your baby to burp eventually. Slowly moving back and forth or up and down is likely to be soothing for the baby. However, make sure to keep your movement to the minimum so the baby doesn’t spit out.

4.    Rest baby face down across your lap

Rest your baby face down across your lap and gently rub the back. This will do the trick. However, be prepared for a spit up in case.

5.    Make baby sit up

Make your baby sit up on your lap. Hold the baby’s sleepy head upright in a seated position and gently tilt the baby back and forth while patting the back.

6.    Use different positions for your baby

The one mistake most parents make is to use a single technique on their baby for a long time, only to produce no result. Rather than sticking to one method, try multiple others. For example, you can try to swaddle or unswaddle your baby. These movements will help bring the air bubbles up and produce a burp.

How long to burp a baby?

Burp your baby for a good 5 to 10 mins after feeding. If one technique doesn’t work, use the other one.

My baby won’t burp even after trying?

This is perfectly fine if it happens rarely. If, even after 10 mins of trying, your baby doesn't burp, then it means they might not have swallowed a lot of air to produce a burp.

If your baby doesn't burp but still seems uncomfortable, you can try it again after a short break.

If this still doesn't work and happens quite often, then it's better to consult a pediatrician.

What happens if baby doesn't burp?

It depends from case to case. Some babies may start wriggling and writhing due to the stiffness and tension, cry or show irritability, clench fists and start flailing arms and legs, or refuse to eat. While others may remain silent but are unable to sleep peacefully. Any of these symptoms after feeding show your baby needs to burp.

How to help baby fart at night?

For this, you can use the elbow-to-knee trick on your baby. Lay him down and move the opposite limbs toward each other—for example, right elbow and left knee. Then repeat the same for the other side. Do this gently to avoid waking up your baby. This may also produce a burp!


Burping your sleeping baby isn't hard if you know the trick. So don't waste too much time and wind your baby for only 5-10 mins. Try different positions if one doesn't work. Don't be stressed in case your baby doesn't burp! That just may mean your little one is a good eater and doesn't take in too much air in the first place.

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