Why bamboo diaper liners are better for your kids?


Bamboo diaper liner is an evolutionary idea that has redefined comfort and care for infants and toddlers. This new concept of bamboo liners is not only cost effective but also beneficial for the environment.

Diaper liners are designed to contain the solid fecal matter of the child and prevent it from creating a mess through unnecessary leakage. The bamboo liner is simply laid inside the diaper, creating immediate contact with the baby’s skin. Since the material of the bamboo keeps the liner extra soft and buoyant, it doesn’t cause any irritation or disturbance to the baby. Once the bamboo liner is placed, it will hold the poop or pee of the baby without creating discomfort for the mom and child.

Why Bamboo Diaper liners?

You may wonder why bamboo cloth liners are a better option than normal cloth liners. This is because the bamboo material offers hypoallergenic and antibacterial protection which will prevent any rashes, allergic reactions or other sensitive skin problems from occurring to the baby.

Most importantly bamboo diaper liners are flushable and easily disposable, hence instead of going through the excruciating process of wrapping the dirty liner and removing it carefully, this bamboo liner can easily be discarded into the toilet.

Because the bamboo material is biodegradable, flushing the liner will not cause any damage to the environment and also save you time from cleaning up the mess.

Moreover, the bamboo liners are long lasting, they can withhold the fecal and urinal waste of the baby for an entire night without causing any seepage. Hence, you and your baby can enjoy a full night’s sleep without having to wake up every few hours to change the diaper.

Lastly, the bamboo diaper liner offers flexibility and durability. Which means that one size fits all, there will be no problems adjusting the liner according to the baby’s size since it can perfectly cover the child’s bottom from all sides.

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