Why buy baby washcloths that are made from bamboo?

Want to buy essentials for your baby such as washcloths but also looking for a sustainable option? Look no further because you’re at the right place. This blog explains why a bamboo washcloth is a must-have for your baby.
The skin of your baby comes in contact with many things in a day. From the teddy bear he/she hugs at nap time to the toys she plays with throughout the day, there are lots of things that can make her skin break out into a rash. There are other things that can affect your baby's delicate skin. Dust in the air and chemicals used in cleaning products can both add to any dryness or rashes the baby is already suffering from.
When it comes to washcloths, organic bamboo washcloths are the best kind to use. Let’s first analyze the bamboo material and help you make an informed decision on the use of bamboo fabric in comparison to cotton.

Baby washcloths: bamboo vs cotton?

Bamboo is organic and has the qualities of being more durable, softer, water absorbent and hypoallergenic! There are a few facts that most people don't know about Bamboo Fabric so they are explained in detail here.

First off, what is Bamboo?

Bamboo is an organic plant grown material that has hollow tubes like straws inside it and because of this it has an ideal fibre to volume ratio and can hold large amounts of water inside the tubes.
Bamboo fabric is made from the top 6-8 inches layer called Bamboo Veneer or Bamboo Lumber which is then processed into the Core material that we use in Yarn Spinning.
bamboo fabric

Why do we want to use Bamboo Washcloths?

The top layer is what we want because it has a better fiber to volume ratio than cotton and any other hardwood. It means that the more volume we get from this material, the more efficient it will be in terms of consumption and pollution associated with producing it. This also means that by using less of this material, the environment will be affected less.
To give you an idea on how the bamboo fabric compares to the cotton fabric in terms of weight and durability, some testing was done and the following was found:
- A Rayon/Cotton blend T-shirt weighs 14 oz and a bamboo blend T-shirt weighs only 8 oz.
- A 100% cotton shirt at weighs 14 oz while a 100% bamboo shirt weighs only 10 oz.

What are the benefits of using Bamboo Washcloths for your baby?

- A sustainable resource - Bamboo can be harvested every 2 years and the roots are left behind in the field which means that it can be harvested without damaging the soil or ecosystem.
- Less environmental impact - Bamboo has smaller fibers than cotton which means that it is easier to process, consume less energy during production which leaves a smaller carbon footprint compared to cotton.

Properties of bamboo baby washcloths:

Bamboo has antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it a perfect organic baby washcloth material. The anti-bacterial properties will help inhibit bacterial growth on organic baby washcloths. Using organic bamboo baby washcloths helps prevent the spread of germs. Your organic bamboo washcloth set is a great way to care for your baby!
It is water absorbent and softer than cotton, making them gentle on skin and perfect to use when bath time rolls around. They hold up well even with repeated washing and can be used repeatedly without fading or wearing out.
Furthermore, organic bamboo fabric make the baby washcloths extremely durable and long-lasting. The durability and extra softness of bamboo allows you to use organic baby washcloths while caring for the future of our planet.

How can you keep your baby dry and comfortable?

Baby washcloths made from organic bamboo fabric is also much more water absorbent than cotton, giving you a better chance at keeping your baby dry. When it comes to organic baby washcloths that can help prevent diaper rash, Jumpy Moos bamboo washcloth set are the best!

Why choose Jumpy Moos when searching for bamboo baby washcloths?

Jumpy Moos bamboo baby washcloths available in Canada, UK and the US are completely organic so you get all the aforementioned benefits of using products made from bamboo fabric. Jumpy Moo's Washcloths can be used for infants, toddlers, kids and even adults. They are easy to carry around, making it great for face wipes and makeup removal for everyday use. It can also be used for bath time, burp/spit up clean up, gentle face/facial cleansing, make up removal, kitchen wipes etc.
Additionally, Jumpy Moo's bamboo baby washcloths are larger than regular face washcloths, generously sized at 10 x 10 inches.
bamboo baby washcloths Canada, UK
Moreover, Jumpy Moo's bamboo baby washcloths are made up of soft, delicate but thick (500 GSM) Bamboo fabric, so it is much more absorbent and helps save your baby’s sensitive skin from irritations, rashes and allergies.
They are also eco-friendly and given the speed with which climate change is taking place, it is high time everyone plays their part in helping save the planet. The best way is to change our practices and one can start off by using organic products.
Lastly, who can say no to free stuff? You get a free laundry bag, allowing you to wash your baby’s dirty washcloths and towels easily.


Baby washcloths made from bamboo are an excellent choice for people who want to be environmentally friendly. They weigh less than cotton, making them better for the environment because they use less water and energy when manufacturing. The material also has properties that make it more sustainable while still being comfortable on baby’s skin with its hypoallergenic property. It is durable in comparison to other fabrics like cotton which makes this a great option if you have kids or adults who will need regular washing of their hands or faces. Organic baby washcloths made from bamboo are soft, can last longer and can give you value for your money! These reasons alone should convince any one considering buying new washcloths/towels as organic bamboo would be best-suited to their needs.
You can also always opt for a bamboo hooded towel if you want to make bath time more fun for your little one. Jumpy Moo's Hooded towels are also made up of bamboo meaning they have the same hypoallergenic properties as washcloths and other bamboo products. 

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