How Many Swaddles Do I Need?


Swaddling is the practice of tightly wrapping around an infant with a breathable, thin blanket that is crucial for promoting a peaceful sleep cycle, warmth, and safety for the baby by avoiding his/her unnecessary movements. The warmth provided by the blankets, which can be swaddle blankets, remind the babies of their mother’s womb, and establish a feeling of comfort and tranquility.  

Once the significance of swaddling has been established, the most common question that arises in the minds of many new parents is “How many swaddling blankets do I need?”. This is a very reasonable thought indeed! So don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through this or any other related questions you may possibly have!!

What are Swaddles and Their Two Different Types 

Before answering the question regarding the total amount of swaddles needed, it is important for you to know what swaddle blankets are. Swaddles are thin blankets used for wrapping around babies, in other words ‘swaddling’. They come in two types:

  1. Swaddle Blankets
  2. Swaddle Sacks

Swaddle blankets are just like receiving blankets but just a bit bigger in size, while swaddle sacks are the more modern innovative styled swaddles that are much easier and more efficient to use.

This is because in swaddle sacks, you don’t need to follow the entire swaddling procedure, they’re made in a way so you can directly tuck your babies in it. They use zippers, or snap closures to keep a baby’s arms tight to his/her sides. Amazing, isn’t it?

However, both swaddle blankets (inspired by traditional receiving blankets) and swaddle sacks are one of a kind and necessary to own for the baby. If you wish to know more about what are receiving blankets, then you can check out our detailed guide on ‘Receiving Blankets vs Swaddles’ here (add hyperlink to the posted blog).

How Long Do You Swaddle a Baby For?

You should only swaddle your baby for a short time period. It is typically advised not to swaddle your baby after he/she turns eight weeks old. This is because this is usually the age when the baby starts to roll over hence, the wrapped-up blanket in such a case becomes a trap preventing the baby from moving freely. Rolling over for a baby is very important and a crucial stage required before learning to crawl or sit. Your baby may be successful in turning him or herself over, but if left unsupervised they may not be able to come back to their safe sleeping position due to the swaddled blankets, which can prove dangerous for them.

However, since all babies differ it is very crucial to check your little one for rolling over signs. These may occur before eight weeks or even after, so the advised age of eight weeks is not set in stone and can be distinct for every infant.

How Long Does It Take to Transition Your Baby Out of a Swaddle?

Usually, the transitionary period takes up to 1-2 weeks, but it totally depends on the baby. You will see them frequently wake up when they’re not swaddled however, that is totally normal, and they will adjust to it within a short time.

How Many Swaddle Blankets Do I need?

Now it’s finally time to answer your long-awaited question! Typically, you need around at least 3 swaddles to be perfectly prepared. However, the maximum limit depends upon you and three other factors. These are:

  • How often you’re ready to do your baby’s laundry?

Babies are fragile beings that have no control over their tiny body and its system. Mishaps in terms of leakage of bodily fluids, spit outs or vomits are bound to happen which end up making their swaddles dirty, so unless you’re ready to do their laundry every day, you need to consider buying more swaddles for emergency periods. Five would be enough in this case.

  • Your baby’s health

Some babies are generally healthier than others so the mishaps that occur are quite less, while some are weaker and tend to for example, vomit more. Hence, for babies who are weak and require extra cleaning, it’s always better to purchase more swaddles. Again, in such a case five to six swaddles would be enough to provide sufficient back-up for emergency cases.   

  • Your room’s temperature variability

If you live in a place with varying temperatures and may not have central air conditioning or heating systems, then you should consider buying multiple swaddles of different thickness. However, they should not be too weighty or thick.

  • Are you using your swaddle for other purposes?

If you’re using your baby’s swaddle blankets for other purposes like a burp cloth, then you may need more than usual.

Since you’re only required to swaddle your baby for a short time, thus buying too many can be a wastage of money as you may never get to use them.

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Buying the right number of swaddles can be tricky however, generally 3-4 swaddles can be sufficient. However, it is better to be mindful of the factors above and decide accordingly so you can always have enough backups. Doing your baby’s laundry regularly would mean a lot less swaddle blankets needed however, if you’re busy or a working mom consider buying more. As long as you always have a clean swaddle available for your little one every time, you don’t have much to worry about!    

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