5 quick steps to change your baby's diaper


Changing your baby's diapers can be a hassle especially when it is your first-born child and you have no experience. This article discusses 5 simple steps to change your baby's diapers. 

  • Remove the dirty diaper

    Begin by placing your baby on his back, laying him on a flat surface covered with several layers of soft towel or blanket. Unfasten the safety pin or bellyband if there is one. Lift your baby's legs up gently to slide the soiled diaper out from under him. If you have disposable diapers, take off the dirty diaper and seal it in a plastic bag before throwing into the trash.

    • Clean your baby

    Once the diaper is removed, cleanse his buttocks gently with a wet washcloth. Using disposable wipes, make sure to wipe from front to back towards this delicate area to avoid spreading bacteria.

    • Put on a fresh diaper

    Lay your baby back down and slide a clean, dry cloth or disposable diaper underneath him. Make sure the fasteners match up correctly so that the diaper does not shift while you are dressing your baby. If using cloth diapers, fold one corner of the diaper over the front of the cloth. This ensures that your baby's skin is not exposed.

    • Dispose of the used diaper 

    Place the soiled cloth diaper inside a plastic bag and tie it securely closed before disposing it in an outdoor trash can. Keeping the soiled diaper inside a plastic bag will avoid the smell from spreading and you can easily throw it out with your regular garbage.

    • Wash your hands

    Wash your hands with soap and water to avoid spreading germs from handling dirty diapers to other areas of your household or to other people (especially if you have other children).

    Pro tip: Opt for the diaper liners by Jumpy Moo's and you won't have to worry about diapers every again. Just get the disposable nappy liners and you can just flush them down the toilet once your baby is done using them. 

    And you're done! It might seem like an exhausting and disgusting task (no arguments against that). However, once you get in the flow changing diapers will feel like routine and you'll be able to do it easily just like your other chores. 

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