How to use Diaper Liners


A lot changes after one becomes a parent; you have to let go of any disgust you hold regarding bodily fluids and excretions. Diaper liners are a saving grace during the journey of early parenthood, an innovation that brings the same level of joy that parents experienced when disposable diapers were first introduced. Thanks to diaper liners now you never have to touch your child’s poop!

What Are Diaper Liners?

Diaper liners are thin pieces of fabric that act as a semi permeable barrier that catch all solid excrement while letting the liquids pass. This prevents leakage and allows for quick removal of your baby’s poop, without even getting your hands dirty. Diaper liners come with variations, such as disposable cloth diaper liners, which can be flushed for easier disposal. Normally, sanitary products such as sanitary napkins, diapers and re-usable diaper liners are not flushable and can clog your drain and septic tank owing to the non-degradable materials that they are made of. So be sure to check if the product you are disposing off can be flushed without incurring long term costs in drainage. Bamboo diaper liners are made up of bamboo fibers that are soft to the touch and hypoallergenic, preventing your baby’s sensitive skin from friction burns and harsh diaper rashes. And to top it off, bamboo fibers are biodegradable and take approximately two weeks to break down and can thus be flushed away.

How to use Diaper Liners 

To benefit from the almost magical creation of diaper liners, all you have to do is simply place the liner on top of your baby’s diaper, against his/her skin, before putting it on. It’s as simple as that! The process is similar to how one places a sanitary pad or a panty liner, except, instead of sticking that to your underwear, you simply line the diaper. This prevents your baby from feeling moisture as the liner acts as a barrier between your baby’s sensitive skin and the diaper. When diaper liners are used with cloth diapers, they act as measure against leakage by not allowing any solids to pass through. This means no more having to wake up multiple times during the night to change your baby’s diaper!

Diaper Liners Disposal Process

Now there are different kinds of diaper liners available, with their variations of disposal. Reusable diaper liners are usually made of cloth and can be washed a few times before they must be discarded. Fleece diaper liners are easiest for clean-up purposes as the poop automatically slips off. Non-reusable diaper liners can be further divided into those that can be flushed and those that must be discarded in other ways. In order to dispose of the flushable kind, simply hold the used diaper on top of a toilet and let the liner slip off and flush. These are convenient since you have not only skipped the part where you have to touch the poop, but also prevents your bathroom from stinking up.

If diaper liners aren't already on your mind, it should be due to its convenience and the peace it brings your baby to live without constant diaper burn.

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