How Many Blankets Does A Baby Need?


Baby blankets are essential products; however, exactly how many baby blankets to buy for your little one can be tough to figure out. The quantity varies from case to case. Some babies may need more, while some may need less. The answer to ‘how many blankets does a baby need?’ depends on various factors surrounding you and your little one. Moreover, there are multiple types of baby blankets; hence, the quantity depends on which one you’re buying.

Some people believe that baby blankets aren’t a necessity due to the risk of choking or suffocation that they pose to less than one-year-olds while sleeping. However, they fail to realize that baby blankets can be used for multiple other purposes, from tummy time to a changing pad etc.

So, in case you’re wondering how many blankets for baby to get, you’ve come to the right place! Below we’ve answered all your possible questions related to it.

Types of blankets for a baby?

Before we talk about how many blankets for newborn, we’ll first let you know what blankets to use for newborn. Below are some of the important types of blankets you can possibly buy:

Receiving Blankets:

Lightweight blankets that are meant to serve multiple purposes, including swaddling, cleaning up spit ups or any spills caused by your little one.

Swaddling Blankets:

how many blankets does a baby need

These blankets come in two types. The first one is like a receiving blanket that needs to be wrapped (in other words swaddled) around the baby, while the second one is an easy-to-use swaddle blanket in which you just need to put the baby on it and gently secure the side tabs or zip.

In case you’re looking for cute, goofy or panda textured swaddle blankets for your baby then check out our collection here. We offer adorable swaddle blankets explicitly made from 100% Organic Cotton Muslin to protect the sensitive skin of your baby.

Security Blankets:

These are extra soft blankets specifically made for cuddling. They’re made from materials like plush or fleece for extra coziness. These are called cuddle blankets or ‘blankie’ and are given to babies to draw their attachment to it. This will make them feel comfortable and safe while holding it in unfamiliar places.

Factors that affect the number of blankets you should buy for your baby

How often you do laundry

If you wash your baby’s blankets daily, you would need a few of them. For example, one for current use, one in the laundry, and one extra in case of an emergency. However, if you wash them every few days, you would need the number of blankets equivalent to the number of days you don’t do the laundry plus two extra.

Temp around you

This is a crucial factor. If you live in a warm environment, you will need a few blankets for covering or swaddling. If you live in a cooler environment, it depends on how many swaddle layers can make the baby feel warm enough.    

Baby’s Health

If your baby spits up a lot or tends to spill things, you’ll need a lot more.

How are you using it

This is the primary key to figuring out how many blankets for a baby. The blankets can be used for multiple purposes, so if you’re planning on using them other than swaddling or keeping the baby warm, get two for every chore you’re using it for.

How many blankets for baby?

This is the amount of each type of blanket you should own if you do your baby’s laundry every two to three days, your baby doesn’t spit too much, and there’s an average room temperature around you. You’ll need a lot more (around three more for receiving and swaddle blankets each) if the laundry is done once a week, your baby spits out a lot, or you’re living in a cold area.

Receiving Blankets


Wearable or Swaddle Blankets


Security Blankets



For security blankets, it is better to get the same ones. If the baby is attached to one of them, you can always replace it with the new one in case it gets lost. The baby won't even be able to notice; thus, it'll prevent any tantrums or outbreaks.

Different uses of baby blankets

how many blankets does a baby need

Baby blankets are not only used for warmth, swaddling, or getting a baby attached to them but for multiple other purposes. These are:

-Nursing (use a lightweight blanket for it)

-Tummy time (use a thick and soft blanket to prevent germs or dirt)

-Changing pad

-Burp cloth to clean spit outs

What blankets to use for newborn baby?

Blankets are not recommended for newborns as they may cause choking or suffocation. So, this raises the question of "what should baby wear to bed?". Newborn sleep layers should consist of lightweight, breathable clothing layers rather than a blanket for babies less than one-year-old.


The number of blankets needed by a baby depends on multiple factors, such as how often the laundry is done or how you use them. Sometimes baby blankets are never enough, so make sure to have at least two swaddle blankets, three receiving blankets, and two security blankets. One in use, one in the laundry, and one extra!

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