How to Bathe Your Baby


Raising a child is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. However, it can often get quite overwhelming as well, especially if you are a new parent. Everyday tasks, that you do not normally give another thought to; tend to have you second guessing yourself when a baby is involved. When it comes to your babies’ hygiene, as new parents, you will catch yourselves asking questions like “how should I bathe my baby?”; “is it safe to bathe my baby more than once a day?”; “how can I help keep my baby stay clean without being too harsh on her skin?”. There is no need to dismiss any of these questions. For a parent, their child’s safety and comfort are the foremost concerns. We, at Jumpy Moo’s, want to answer all your queries and concerns when it comes to bathing your precious child and helping them stay clean and fresh. Read ahead and make this your go-to guide for tips and tricks to help you through the (somewhat daunting) task of safely bathing your little one!


How Often Should I Bathe My Baby?

As new parents who just want to make sure their baby stays squeaky clean, you might be tempted to overdo it with the little one’s bathing. However, remember the age old saying, less is more! Especially for newborns, not only is it not necessary to bathe them more than 2 to 3 times a week, but it can also have negative effects on the child. Newborn children are just as precious and delicate as flowers in full bloom! Just like overwatering can cause a flower to wilt, bathing your newborn baby too often can cause their skin to dry out and strip their skin of its natural moisture. Not to mention, a baby this young is very prone to catching colds as well. This is why it is important to quickly dry off your child as soon as you get them out of the bath. Hooded towels are great to serve this purpose as they do not only dry your baby, but the hood is perfect to keep your little one warm while you rush to get them dressed! An even better idea is to opt for bamboo hooded towels to keep your little boys and girls warm and dry. The special feature of these towels is that since they are made of bamboo fibers which comes from the stems and leaves of bamboo; not only are they super absorbent, but they are also very durable!  

What is an alternative for bathing my baby every day?

Not bathing your child everyday certainly does not mean that you cannot still keep them clean and fresh. Bathing your little one on alternative days and using a washcloth to gently clean them on the rest of the days is a good routine. Again, washcloths made using bamboo fibers will be gentler on your baby’s skin and will last you longer as well. 

What is the ideal time to bathe my child? 

While you can choose to bathe your baby at any time of the day, it might be better to bathe them at a time when it is warm outside so that your baby does not catch a cold due to the bath. Besides that, bathing your baby right after you have fed them is not the best idea. If your baby makes a mess while eating, make sure to wait at least an hour before you decide to bathe them. 

Tips and tricks to make bath-time comfortable and stress free for both baby and mommy/daddy: 

  • Make sure to keep everything you need for bath-time in handy – all toiletries being used, hooded towel to dry off the baby, change of clothes for the little one, diaper!
  • Make sure the bath water is warm (NOT hot!). This will be relaxing for the baby and will help them enjoy bath time even more.
  • Do not prolong bath time for more than 10 to 15 minutes. Too much time in the water is not good for your little one!
  • As soon as you get your little one out of the bath, dry them off with a soft and hypoallergenic towel. We recommend our hooded towels as they are ultra soft and hypoallergenic making them ideal for a baby's skin. Afterwards, quickly and put their diaper right on! (be super quick in putting on the diaper to avoid any accidents)
  • Do NOT put any talcum powder inside your baby’s diaper or anywhere near the baby’s genitals. (Don’t believe things you have seen in cartoons, putting powder near your little one’s genitals is not good for them and does not contribute in them staying fresh down there)
  • Quickly dress your child to keep them nice and warm.
  • Pro tip: Bath time can be super relaxing for your little ones and can often tire them down as well. Right after a bath is a great time to put your baby to sleep. Swaddle blankets are great for this purpose as you can simply swaddle the little ones after dressing them and watch them drift off to a peaceful slumber. (Pro-pro-tip: Use this time to catch up on your own sleep as well. You need it!)

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