How to Clean Baby Ears


So you probably see earwax in your baby’s ears and you want to know the best way how to clean it. This is a very frequently asked question by mothers worldwide and this blog will show you the safest way of cleaning baby ears, you got this!

When it comes to cleaning your baby’s ears, remember to always be safe. This isn’t as simple as it sounds and it is very important for you to find the method that works best for you and for your baby. 

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Should you be worried about earwax in your baby’s ear?

To answer this question, it is essential for you to understand what earwax is and why it exists. Earwax or cerumen is something that our bodies make naturally. Glands in our ears produce earwax so that it forms a shield against things such as dirt that would otherwise enter and harm your ears. Earwax is healthy for you because it protects, lubricates, and has antibacterial properties. So it might not always be the best idea to remove earwax. 

That being said, if earwax is being produced faster than it is being gotten rid of, the build-up can cause problems such as itching, ear aches, and even hearing problems. 

How to clean your baby’s ears

The best and safest way to clean your baby’s ear is with a washcloth or a cotton ball. You will need to soak the washcloth in mild-warm water (shouldn’t be too hot). The following are the steps you need to take while cleaning your baby’s ears. 

  1. Dip the washcloth in warm water. 
  2. Ring out the excess water. 
  3. Gently rub the washcloth around the outer ear. This will get rid of any earwax buildup outside the ears. 
  4. Do not put the washcloth in the baby’s ears, that is not safe and you should usually stick to the outside. 

How to Clean Baby Ears Using Ear Drops

In some cases, your pediatrician might prescribe your baby ear drops to remove earwax. The following are the steps you need to take to ensure you clean the earwax out of your baby’s ears safely.

  1. Lay your baby down on the side so that the ear you are about to clean is facing up. 
  2. Gently pull the lobe down and back so that you have access to the ear canal. 
  3. Place the prescribed amount of drops into your baby’s ear canal. If you do not have a prescribed amount, you can go ahead with dripping five drops, however, it is best to check. 
  4. Keep the baby in the same position for about 10 minutes. This should be the perfect amount of time for the drops to do their trick. After that roll your baby over. 
  5. Let the eardrops run out of your baby’s ears now into tissue paper.

Some Additional Tips

  1. Make sure your baby is calm before carrying out this procedure. 
  2. You can rub the bottle between your hands to make it warm. 
  3. Put the liquid into the ear one drop at a time. 

Don’ts of cleaning earwax out of baby’s ears

Be careful that you do none of the following things while cleaning your baby’s ears. 

  • Do not use cotton swabs! Inserting anything into your baby’s ears can cause damage to the eardrum or cause earwax to build up making your problems worse. 
  •  Do not insert your finger inside your baby’s ears! This is more if not equally harmful as cotton swabs 
  • Just as a rule of thumb, do not insert anything inside your baby’s ears. 


Cleaning your baby’s ears is not tricky, however, you need to remember that earwax is not bad. It has good qualities and that is why it is produced by our bodies. Unless your doctor asks you to, there is no need for you to worry about earwax. Always remember to consult your doctor on these matters. 

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