How to Dress Baby for Swimming Lessons


In this day and age, everyone wants to enjoy their leisure time with some fun activity, and what would be better than going to the pool to beat the summer heat. Now you might be worried about your little one and the essentials required for them. So, here is the guide on how to dress your baby for swimming lessons.

List of Essentials required by your Baby for Swimming Lessons:

  • Swim nappies
  • Swimwear
  • Hooded towels
  • Wet wipes and creams
  • Warm clothes

Swim Nappies

Standard nappies are not very suitable for the pool, and in order to dress your baby properly for their swimming lessons, you need to buy swim nappies. When you go to the market to buy a reliable swim nappy, you will find two types of swim nappies. The first one is the disposable type, and the second one is the reusable type. Both have their pros and cons, and those need to be understood to make an informed decision. 

Disposable Nappies:

  • They can be used only once 
  • They are very similar to regular nappies but are water-resistant and don’t swell up
  • Fecal leakage can occur and enter the pool as the protection isn’t very effective 

Reusable Nappies:

  • They can be used multiple times after washing
  • They resemble swimming trunks and, like the disposable swim nappies, don’t swell up
  • They are very effective in preventing fecal leakage 

The ones that are usually used to dress a baby for their swimming lessons are the reusable type, as they are excellent at preventing fecal leakage from entering the pool.  


Dressing the baby appropriately for their swimming lessons is crucial as it helps the nappy stay in its place and keeps the baby warm. The two factors that should be considered while purchasing the swimwear should be the level of warmth it provides and how well it accommodates sensitive skin. Also, do check the temperature of the pool before you decide to bring the baby, as cold temperatures can lead to health complications. Warmer pools are better for babies and require less effort for the parent to keep the baby warm after their swimming lesson.

Hooded Towels

The health of the baby should always be a priority, and in order to prevent them from catching a cold, the parent has to bring warm towels with them. A thick hooded towel helps the baby to be covered from all sides and allows them to regulate their body temperature. A good quality hooded towel isn’t just warm but also provides extra care for the skin sensitivity of the baby after they have taken swimming lessons.

Hooded Towel - Jumpy Moo's - Baby Essentials

Wet Wipes and Creams

Every parent is worried about the skin of their children, especially if the child has been in a pool with chlorine and other chemicals. Wet wipes and creams help nourish the skin and neutralize any wanted chemicals on the skin of the baby.

Warm Clothes

We can’t stress enough how important it is for the baby to stay warm and well covered. The clothes the baby wears after taking their swimming lessons are essential for their health.

Although a parent can never be too cautious for their babies, they do need to loosen a bit and take the next step. Don’t allow your fears to takeover and prevent you from enjoying the pool.

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