Virtual Baby Shower Ideas


The covid-19 pandemic was an unexpected and unpredictable event that shook the entire world. Due to the unprecedented outcome of the virus, everyone’s plans had to change. All big celebrations such as weddings and birthdays had to be postponed for the safety and protection of everyone. However, all moms-to-be want to have a special gathering to welcome their baby in to this world.

A virtual baby shower? Sounds pretty odd right? Well, this blog will you give some awesome ideas to celebrate your baby shower online with your friends and family.

Online Location

First things first, choose a venue or location to host your party. There are a number of online communication forums that allow easy access to people living in different cities, states and countries. Choose the platform that offers unique games and exciting options such as background customization, breakout rooms, emoticons etc. Zoom, skype, google meet and slack are some of the options you can see as potential venues for your party.


Send out online animated invites for your party, you could customize or design them yourself! Find cool and thematic ideas on Pinterest or sites like Etsy that allow you to download, email or print these invites to send to your guests. Augmented reality infused greeting cards are also becoming a reality which can help make the event of a virtual baby shower successful. 

Create a Schedule

Try creating a schedule for your virtual celebration where you can host multiple games and sessions with your friends. This will bring excitement in your baby shower in ways you didn’t expect, for example 12:00pm there is a meet and greet, 12:30 is a baby naming game, and 1:00pm is gift opening and so on. You could bring in some variation and play with some tools on the online platform you have picked.


Hosting an online baby shower may not be as fun, but you could definitely spice up the area where you will be sitting and hosting your party from. This will make you and your guests more interested and involved in your small celebration. Your effort will not go to waste and will be something you will remember. So put some balloons, décor and confetti to create a unique look for your baby shower.

Here are some virtual baby-themed games that you can enjoy with your friends:

  • Baby-themed Pictionary: Make your guests guess what certain pictures and emoji’s about babies mean. Be sure to include your 
  • Best and worst Parenting Advice: This is perhaps the most favorite game of people who are already parents, however keep it open for everyone so that you can hear some stories about how they were raised.
  • Baby Pictures: Ask your guests prior to the party to send you a picture of themselves as babies, make a video or presentation displaying everyone’s pictures at your party. Ask them to guess which baby picture corresponds to the guests present.
  • Make your own game: Have you tried using Kahoot or game sites such Covidopoly? These are user-friendly sites that allow you to play mono deal online, create interactive quizzes and trivia for your friends. Plus, they’re free! The quizzes will energize your guests and create a healthy competition making the baby shower exciting and entertaining.

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