How can you make the process of doing laundry easier?


Do you neglect doing laundry until it becomes absolutely essential? In other words, do you dread laundry day? Do not worry, since you are not alone! There are so many things that could tend to go wrong when you start doing it and the whole process sometimes just gets simply tiring. For instance, sometimes clothes come out of the laundry with a musty odor. Additionally, there might be days when you don't know whether it is your clothes, the dryer, the detergent, or all of the above that has made your clothes a muddled mess of color. It's frustrating and disheartening to see all your white socks turn pink because of an errant blue sock. In situations like these you can't help but think: How do I make the process of doing laundry easier? This blog provides insights on exactly that.

How to address the musty odor problem in clothes?

Some people try to cover up the musty odor that is there in the clothes in the laundry basket using products such as scented fabric softeners, but these only mask the smell temporarily and don't get rid of what makes your clothes stink in the first place: the bacteria.

The first step to stopping smelly clothes is to understand what causes them to stink in the first place. The three main culprits are sweat, natural body oils and soil from dirt or dust that gets into your clothing. This soil and oil can be found in any material such as cotton, wool, silk or polyester. The sweat that builds up on the fabric is what causes body odor. However, it is not just your body that gives off these smells. If you wear a garment more than once without washing it between uses, the bacteria and oils from your body will stay on the fabric and begin to make it stink. For this reason, washing clothes after each use or at least every other day is important for preventing odor buildup in your laundry.

The following are one-time efforts you might need to do in order to keep your washer in good order to prevent the musty odor in clothes while doing laundry:

  • Cleaning

    Front-loading washers tend to hold odors due to residue from detergents and fabric softeners. Wash with hot water, use 1 cup of white vinegar in the wash cycle, or run 3 cycles through with only hot water.
  • Drying

    Remove your clothing while it is still damp or wet. Dry on the lowest heat possible to maintain softness, wearability and appearance of items. Use a moisture-proof barrier such as a cloth or paper towel between the dryer and the drum to minimize lint transfer onto clothes. Clean out any lint that is visible in the lint filter or is clinging to the inside of the dryer and surrounding area.
  • Clothes Care

    Use plenty of laundry detergent and add 1 cup white vinegar during the last rinse. This will leave a residue on your clothing that discourages odor-causing bacteria from growing. Usually at this step people dump their clothing in a laundry basket. However, the better next step is using a mesh laundry wash bag. Mesh bags are usually made of nylon mesh with plastic brackets at the top and bottom.

Why is a mesh laundry bag a better alternative to a laundry basket?

To answer this question, let’s dive into learning the benefits of having a mesh laundry bag over a laundry basket:

why is a mesh laundry bag better than a laundry basket

  • Protects clothes from snags and tears.
  • Saves time by sorting laundry right in the washer.
  • Prevents clothes from creasing, shrinking or stretching.
  • Keeps colors bright and whites white.
  • Allows socks to stay in pairs so you never lose one again
  • Using a laundry bag for delicates, keep your garments safe.
  • Prevents clothes from getting tangled after they are washed

How to select a laundry bag?

If you do laundry on a regular basis, then you need to get yourself some mesh laundry bags. To help you find the best mesh laundry bag, here are some important features to keep in mind when choosing one:

Firstly, you should select a mesh laundry bag depending on its size. The bigger the mesh bag, the more clothes you can put in there at once. A good size for a basic household is a medium 40cmx50cm bag. If you need some extra space to allow your clothes to have some room, the large 60cmx60cm bag is what you need. A mesh bag is also great for sports equipment, swimwear, or shower shoes. The perfect size for that would be a small one with dimensions of around 20cmx18cm.

mesh laundry bag


Secondly, you should select a color that suits your needs the best. Depending on the colors of your laundry room, you can opt for either pink & blue, orange & green or a grey laundry wash bag.

Thirdly, you should consider the durability of your laundry wash bags. It should not only be durable, but also provide extra space for air circulation that reduces mildew and odors in comparison to regular fabric or plastic bags.

How to prevent colors from fading or transferring to other clothes?

It is vital to understand how to prevent colors from fading while doing laundry.

First and the foremost, selecting a quality laundry detergent is very important to help prolong the life of clothes.

The second trick is to turn the clothes inside out. Turn your clothes inside out if it is possible because they say that this can help prolong the life of the colors.

The next tip is to use cold water for doing laundry. If possible, always choose cold water over hot water because colors wear down fast in hot water.

Additionally, do not put clothes in the dryer for too long. If you are wondering how to keep your clothes looking new, one way is to never allow them to go in the dryer for too long because this way the colors in the clothes fade fast.

Lastly, if you want to maintain the newness of your clothes, always remember to wash all of your dark-colored clothes together and the light-colored clothes together so they do not get faded by other colors and always ensure that you are using a gentle cycle.

Tips for making laundry easier:

  • If you find laundry to be a slog, either do it way more frequently, or way less often. If you're planning on doing laundry once a week, get all the clothes in one place. If you find yourself slogging through piles of clothes in need of washing and can’t decide how often you need to be doing laundry, set up a "right away" pile. When this pile gets large enough, it's laundry day.
  • If you have shirts or pants that are easy to fold, do them immediately after removing them from the dryer. This reduces your time spent sorting and folding at the end of the night.
  • If you're less concerned with wrinkles than you are about saving a little time in the morning, just hang your clothes up when they come out of the wash. This works best if you have a drying rack or space where you can hang them quickly.
  • Invest in a mesh laundry bag. Having a separate laundry bag for lights and darks is a time-honored tradition that has stood the test of time (and wrinkles). Investing in a laundry bag for delicates will allow you to separate out your delicates, dark colors, and whites with ease.
  • Even better if you get a socks-only mesh bag. Socks are easily lost in the wash especially when you use a laundry basket, but with a separate mesh laundry bag you’ll not have to worry about your missing socks, but also you will be able to pair them with ease.

How does Jumpy Moos (JM) help in making the laundry process easier?

Jumpy Moos is a brand that is dedicated to bringing comfort to your lives. Apart from washcloths and hooded towels, our mesh laundry bag is just one of the products that assists in achieving this aim. Following are the qualities of a JM mesh laundry bag:

  • Heavy-duty mesh fabric that allows easy water penetration
  • Plastic brackets at the top and bottom to prevent deformation
  • Protective covering on zippers, preventing it from opening while washing and drying
  • Does not rust
  • JM mesh laundry bags are known for their strength and resistance. You don't have to worry about them tearing or ripping when putting heavy loads of clothes in them or taking them out.
  • JM mesh laundry bags are also very easy to clean (just throw it in the wash machine). Their colors won't fade away even during multiple washes, and they won't lose their shape either.
  • Affordable price.

In short, if you want great value for money and want to make laundry day significantly easier you can opt for a better alternative to a laundry basket - JM mesh laundry bags.

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