Nighttime Potty Training


When your kids become ready to transition from diapers to nighttime pants, they are still not ready to use the toilet themselves. Unlike the diapers that could be easily disposed of, these end up dirtying the bed resulting in more annoying and exhaustion-induced days. This is when every parent wishes to go for nighttime toilet training.

But according to many experts, potty training is a daytime process because, practically speaking, one cannot control or stop toddlers from something if they’re unconscious. It’s not unusual if your toddler manages to stay dry during the daytime but struggles with it at night. Instead, it is totally normal for kids to wet their beds till the age of 7, and boys generally wet the bed longer than girls.

Child Potty Training

Is Nighttime Potty Training Possible?

It’s hard and won’t give results right away, but it is definitely worth the effort. Your child will become aware and careful and may manage to remain dry more often than before.

Why is my potty trained child still wetting the bed at night?

Being daytime potty trained is different from nighttime potty training. During daytime, the child is fully aware and responds almost directly to the bladder signals, while at night the child is fast asleep, unable to respond. Moreover, nighttime potty training is not based on age or successful training but instead on the development of the child’s system. Some kids’ systems may mature at the age of 5, while some may still struggle with it even when they’re 7 years old.

So, to summarize it, the reasons are:

-child’s system is not fully developed/matured

-sleeping so deeply that it becomes difficult to respond to the bladder signals

-small bladder


At what age should a child be fully potty trained?

Though it depends on the kid and their development, most kids are fully potty trained by age 5 or 6. It is normal for the kid to learn it when he’s up to 7 years old. However, if they are still not fully potty trained by then, it’s better for you to consult a child specialist.

When to Night Potty Train?

Nighttime potty training is more dependent on the developmental readiness of the child than their chronological age. It varies individual by individual.

In order to check if your kid is fully ready for nighttime potty training, you should look out for the following signs:

-They can physically and independently go to the washroom and onto the toilet

-Can follow simple directions

-Most importantly, they are fully daytime potty trained and have gone a few weeks without any nighttime issues (except for a few infrequent accidents)

If all these signs have occurred, then it indicates that your child is finally ready for nighttime potty training.

How Long Does Nighttime Potty Training Take?

It’s not an easy process and totally depends on case by case. Moreover, it is believed that girls tend to learn more quickly than boys. So, it will take at least a few months for your child to get used to it and a few accidents may occur even then. However, remember to be patient and treat your child gently during this process, as scolding may only lower their self-esteem rather than helping.

How to Night Potty Train?

-Limit drinks for your child to one hour before bedtime.

If you’re wondering when to cut off liquids before bed for your kid, 40 minutes to 1 hour is the key! As this will make them use the bathroom right before sleeping at night, they won’t wet the bed due to an empty bladder. If you regularly give your child a glass of milk before bed, then move it to one hour before bedtime.

-Make your child go to the bathroom half an hour before bed—and again right before bedtime.

-Make them use the toilet before you go to sleep.

If your bedtime comes an hour or so later than your kid, make them go to the toilet before you sleep.

-Make them use the toilet every time they wake up during the night.

-Randomly wake up your kid in the middle of the night and take them to the toilet.

Doing this for a few weeks will establish a habit in them to wake up in the middle of the night every day and use the washroom. This will immensely help in nighttime potty training.

-Keep the path to the washroom well-lit, so they feel more comfortable and safer when going at night.

Nighttime Potty Training Tips

-Make sure your kid is fully daytime potty trained before starting nighttime potty training.

-Ask your parents when you stopped having nighttime accidents to get an approximate age for your kid, considering genetics play a huge role.

-Use multiple fitted sheets and disposable sheet protectors. These protect the mattress and are easier to change in case of an accident. Opt for the fitted crib sheets by Jumpy Moo's by clicking on the link here.

-Don’t stress and remember that it’s a natural process. Your kid has little control over this, and patience is the best way to deal with it. Scolding will only lead to guilt and embarrassment for them. Let their confidence bloom instead of shattering it and once they’re fully developed, you’ll notice the change right away.


By religiously following the tips given above, you can make the nighttime potty training process easier and shorter. But remember that this is not a one-day or, in fact, even a few weeks process. The time it takes for every kid differs from case to case. Usually, it does take around half a year but don’t worry, just as their days as a newborn passed away quickly, these will too!


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