How To Keep Your Baby Warm at Night?


Babies are unable to regulate their body temperature well and hence, certain precautions need to be taken by the parents to ensure their healthy well-being. Be it chilly summer nights or freezing winter days, it is necessary to keep your newborn warm while sleeping so they don’t end up with a severe flu or illness. Given below are the answers to some of your possible queries!

How to Tell if Baby is Cold at Night?

It is always a good idea to get to know the baby’s body temperature by slightly touching them to see if they’re warm or cold. The baby’s hands or feet usually feel cold than the rest of the body and is not necessarily a cause for alarm! The best way is to check their core temperature (neck, chest, or stomach). This is because, in babies, the blood circulates in more “important” parts of the body that need development, such as the brain and lungs. So, if the chest, neck, or stomach feels warm and pinkish, then the baby is warm and doing fine!

How To Dress Baby Warmly at Night?

-Use multiple thin layers

Put on multiple thin layers of warm clothes on your baby rather than thick woolen sweaters or garments. These thin layers will make it easier for you to remove them in case of a change in temperature or changing diaper. However, don’t go overboard! According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), the key is to dress your baby in just one more layer than you dress yourself. Using a lot of layers can cause discomfort or irritability.

-Use a swaddle

If the temperature gets too cold, it becomes necessary for you to wrap your little one in a thick swaddling blanket to keep them warm. In case you’re looking for some very cute and warm pack of swaddle blankets, you can check out our collection here.

-Use hand mittens and socks

Use these for the hands and feet.

How to Keep Baby Warm in Crib?

-Use a Firm Mattress

Mattresses that are too soft trap the cold air inside, making it colder for the baby and resulting in them getting sick. 

-Preheat the Crib Before Putting Your Baby Down

Put a heating pad or hot water bottle in the crib half an hour before. Remove it before putting the baby in it to sleep to avoid overheating or burns. Use the right crib sheets, like the one by Jumpy Moo's!

-Position it right

Position the baby’s crib away from drafty windows, open doors, fans, air vents, or outside walls to avoid any direct chilly winds on the baby. Moreover, close all doors and windows.

What’s the ideal temperature to keep Baby Warm at Night?

-18 to 20 degrees Celsius

The ideal temperature is around 68-degree Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to check the room temperature and make sure the room is not too cold or warm but cozy and comfortable instead.

How to Keep Baby Warm at Night Without a Swaddle?

In case your little one is a troublemaker and refuses to stay put, then swaddle blankets may not really be the best choice! This is because when the babies kick the blanket off, it exposes them to the chilly weather while you may be busy sleeping hence, rendering you unable to do anything the entire night. In such a case, consider using baby sleeping bags to keep your baby warm in winter. These are also known as sleeping sacks or wearable blankets. These are considerably looser but warm and use zips that won’t open even if kicked by those tiny feet.

Should Baby Wear Cap while Sleeping in Winter?

Wearing a cap or hat at night while sleeping to keep the baby warm may seem like a sensible idea; however, it’s not really safe for the newborn! This is because as the babies move during sleep, they tend to take the hat off, which may cover up the face and cause suffocation issues. Thus, it is advised not to use a hat on a baby while sleeping.


Keeping the baby warm at night is necessary for a sound and comfortable sleep. Additionally, the cold may cause your little one to get sick. Hence, make sure to use sufficient thin layers and a swaddle blanket to cover them up and ensure the crib is warm and rightly positioned. Lastly, pay special attention to the room temperature and make sure it’s around 20 degrees Celsius. Babies are very sensitive and vulnerable to temperature changes, so remember to take the necessary precautions to keep them warm at night.

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